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Norfolk Police Federation

Pensions Tribunal statement

21 June 2023

The Norfolk Branch officials attended the national council meeting in Northampton over the last two days. Where we discussed the recent ET judgement against the Police Federation of England and Wales, (PFEW). 

Like many of you, we are still trying to digest the results of the Employment Tribunal judgement on the police pension discrimination claim against the PFEW.

It is understandable to us all that many of you, our members, feel that disappointment, frustration and anger. We include ourselves in that.

Like you, we feel horrifically let down over being provided what appears from reading the judgement to be misleading information from the (PFEW) at the time in question. The judgment found that PFEW let down a large group of our members across the country.  Clearly, the ruling makes for very difficult reading, both for our members, and for us as elected officials locally. 

What was done to Policing by the Government was a disgrace and as our Staff Association, the National Police Federation of England and Wales should have done everything in their power and more at that time to fight it.

We assure you that your Branch and our hard working Reps will continue to work tirelessly to represent you to the very best of our abilities and importantly without fear or favour. 

Currently, this vitally important matter is subject to litigation therefore a more detailed response will be provided by PFEW in due course. 

Norfolk Police Federation will hold the National Police Federation of England and Wales to account to make this right. So that we can start to regain the trust of our members in relation to these national matters that hold such significance in all of our personal and professional lives.

Norfolk Police Federation Team.