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Norfolk Police Federation

Get Fit Stay Fit - Offer

30 September 2022


Norfolk Police Federation are pleased to offer a new member service provider called Get Fit Stay Fit. Steve Kirby is looking forward to helping police officers and their families in recovering from injury.


They’re offering a reduction from £60 to £40 for treatment sessions using the Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q.


Steve owns Get Fit Stay Fit Norfolk which is an injury clinic. His website is About the Business - Get Fit Stay Fit (getfitstayfitnorfolk.co.uk) The location of the clinic is 15 Manor Ridge, Blofield, Norwich, NR13 4PN. You can make contact with Steve by calling 01603 211570 or via e-mail info@getfitstayfitnorfolk.co.uk


Tom Steadman works with Steve at Get Fit Stay Fit and has a recently opened clinic located at Capitol House, Heigham Street, Norwich, NR2 4TE. Tom’s contact is 07410192283 or via e-mail on tomsteadman@GFSFNorwich.onmicrosoft.com


Tom is qualified with an honour’s degree in Sports Therapy. A very able and caring young man who has the clinic in Norwich. Steve has had the pleasure of seeing him develop his skills and increase his knowledge. 


Steve has been a Sports and Neuromuscular Therapist for 30yrs, in 2015 he was therapist of the year and has his practice in Blofield. During his time here he has treated a good number of police officers and civilian staff. Helping them to recover from injury and achieve their sporting goals and increase their physical abilities. 


Steve was a civilian member of staff in the Metropolitan police for a number of years. In 1991 Steve established his Get Fit Stay Fit Clinic, working part time to build his business, having seen and dealt with a number of injuries incurred by his colleagues both on and off duty, with some being as a result of body armour. He gained considerable knowledge and insight of the role of a police officer and the types of incidents they attend and the types of injuries that occur. As well as the type of equipment required to be carried on police officer’s body.


After leaving the Metropolitan police and moving to Norfolk in 2010 with wife Jacqui, he reopened his clinic as Get Fit Stay Fit. Since then, Steve has advanced his knowledge and his business, Steve has trained to become the best he could as a professional in his field.


Steve specialised in Neuromuscular Injury & Rehabilitation, dealing with Occupational Muscular trauma injuries, he has continued to help a number of officers, with injury since coming to Norfolk. 


Having been an Occupational Musculoskeletal Injury therapist for many years dealing mainly with rehabilitation after injury, although he is now a member of the STA, he was voted by the SMA as LFCGraybrook's Therapist of the year in 2015.


Steve went on gaining further qualifications, experience and is continuing to do so all the time. Taking his phased 6 Advanced CPD course in Advanced Neuromuscular Techniques and Therapy with the NTC in Dublin, and Biotensegrity course in Dundee in 2017, also taking on and training Thomas Stedman.


Steve works closely with Dr Roberto Ciaff who is one of the executive directors at Biosysco and inventor of the therapy system Sigma Q. Dr Ciaff has recently retired from the NHS as a consultant Neurosurgeon.


Using the Bioneuro Therapy System Sigma Q (ΣQ®) a frequency signals based technology which is a brilliant piece of technological equipment from Biosysco. With the  advanced neuromuscular techniques he has gained, Steve has been able to help many people recover from the trauma of Neuro musculoskeletal  injuries. Leading to a more positive and faster rehabilitation after muscular soft tissue injury.


Steve and Tom are fully insured, and First aid trained.