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Travel Insurance Update

9 September 2021


Information sheet – for members of the George Burrows Group Insurance Package 


AGEAS Travel Insurance

This information sheet has been prepared by George Burrows with input from (Ageas insurance company) as
at 21/05/2021.

If the The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advises against travel to a specific
destination, am I covered to Travel there?

No, travelling against FCDO advice invalidates your insurance so you will not be covered for any
claims under any sections of cover, this includes whether the FCDO are advising against all or all but
essential travel.

What about the traffic light system, am I only covered for travel to a destination on the ‘green’ list?

The traffic light system is more about the implications when you return to the UK after travelling,
mainly around the need (or not) to quarantine. Whilst some of the guidance (such as avoiding travel
to Amber or Red designated destinations) should also be adhered to (as with all government
regulations and guidance), it is the advice given by the FCDO that affects whether cover is available
or not.

Am I covered for Medical Expenses (including COVID‐19) when travelling?

Providing at the time of travel the FCDO were not advising against all or all but essential travel to
your destination(s) then you will have Medical cover in place including anything relating to COVID‐
19. If the FCDO advice changes during your holiday, providing there were no restrictions when you
departed then you will continue to be insured for Medical Expenses until your scheduled return

Advice for booking future holidays

Prior to booking any future trips please bear in mind the travel insurance policy does not cover any
claims for anything related to COVID‐19 (including any preventative or containment measures put in
place) under any sections of the policy except Medical Expenses as noted above. Therefore if you
wish to be covered for cancellation/curtailment claims relating to COVID‐19 please ensure you check
with the Airline/Booking agent prior to booking any trips. You may have alternative protection if
booking with an ATOL protected company and by paying with a Credit Card.

If I am unable to return home due to COVID‐19, will my insurance policy extend past the standard
31 day limit?

For anyone abroad who is unable to return to the UK, the policy will automatically extend for up to
30 days. This is on the understanding that the member is following Government advice which is that
all UK Citizens should attempt to return to the UK as soon as possible however this advice does not
apply to anyone travelling to “exempt countries”. The list of exempt countries is subject to change
and can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus‐covid‐19‐travel‐corridors

If I am required to have a COVID‐19 test which comes back positive before my trip, am I covered
for cancellation costs by my Travel insurance policy?

No, there is no cover for this scenario so you should explore the options below for claiming back any
costs incurred.

Options for claiming back irrecoverable costs due to a trip being cancelled:
Airline cancelled flight?

If your Airline cancel your flight you should pursue them for a refund directly as they are liable to
provide a refund. Some Airlines offer credit vouchers to use for a future booking.

Booked a Package Holiday?

If you booked a package holiday through a tour operator / booking agent, you should have ATOL
protection, and protection under the Package Travel Regulations, and should pursue this company
for a refund. Alternatively they can often reschedule the trip for a later date if appropriate.




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