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Norfolk Police Federation

Members urged to become workplace reps in the next triannual elections

22 February 2021

Norfolk Police Federation members are being urged to start thinking about taking on a role as a workplace Fed Rep and adding to their skillsets.

National triannual Rep elections come around again this summer and there are several positions available on the Norfolk Police Federation Branch Council.

Norfolk Police Federation Secretary Sam Hawkins (pictured) said officers putting themselves forward could reap the benefits of what being a Rep offers.

It’s not just the satisfaction of knowing they are helping their colleagues but also the training and development opportunities that come with the role.

“The National Federation is refreshing their Reps At Work campaign, and it’s a good chance for us to put the thought of being a Rep on everyone’s radar,” Sam said.

“Successful candidates would get on the initial Reps course and have a local induction with us about how they can represent officers in the workplace.

“As a Rep, it’s about helping colleagues with their questions and issues, talking to management and getting things done.

“There’s lots of continual professional development (CPD) training and development – I’ve really seen people grow as Reps, it can help with your confidence and people skills because you might be talking to your District Commander, getting officers’ views across and changing things.”

Sam hopes to see applicants come forward from a diverse groups of officers - but says whoever is appointed to the Rep roles can help bring in new ideas and fresh thinking.

“We are an inclusive board,” she said. “Our make up already includes much diversity but we’d particularly like to see more women apply.

“It’s about seeing some new faces who can help with the longevity of the Federation and our plans. It’s great for individuals and can put some new tools in your toolbox!”

Sam and Norfolk Police Federation Chairman Andy Symonds are planning to run Teams Events offering potential candidates the chance to find out more about the role or they can approach Sam and Andy directly.

To find out more contact Norfolk@polfed.org