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Norfolk Police Federation

Meet The Norfolk Police Federation Reps – PC Claire Smith

22 November 2021

Meet The Norfolk Police Federation Reps – PC Claire Smith

Q. Can you give us a brief summary of your career history and your current rank and role?
A. I joined in 2005 and spent my response years in North Norfolk before moving to CIU. Following an incident in custody I moved in to a recuperative post reviewing records for MoPI. From here I took on the Police Support Volunteer Coordinator role for West Norfolk before moving into the 180 team. Whilst here I experienced another incident that compounded my previous one and was diagnosed with PTSD and after a period of treatment I was posted into my current role in Op Solve. For most of my career I carried out the additional role of FLO.

Q. What made you want to be a Fed Rep?
A. Due to the PTSD I had a long period of sick leave and a long recovery process and throughout that time I was supported by the Federation. I decided to become a Federation Rep so I can help and support fellow officers in their time of need.

Q. Why do you think it’s important for members to be supported by fellow officers as their Reps?
A. Because we get it. We get the pressures and uniqueness of the job, we get how officers feel because we are officers. Who better to be your voice when yours might not be being heard.

Q. Which areas in particular are you looking forward to focusing on?
A. I am looking forward to focusing on equality and making sure that officers are treated fairly.

Q. What should members do if they’re concerned about anything?
A. Speak to a Federation Rep!

Q. What would you say to colleagues who might wonder where their subs go?
A. Check out the updates from your Branch Council meetings, ask a Federation Rep - we are here for you so hold us to account. Every branch has a treasurer so there is always a clear and transparent record of where your subs go.