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Norfolk Police Federation

Meet The Norfolk Police Federation Reps – Paul Brown

6 December 2021

Meet The Norfolk Police Federation Reps – Paul Brown

Q. Can you give us a brief summary of your career history and your current rank and role?
A. I’ve been a Police Officer for nearly 20 years. I started my career in Suffolk before transferring to Norfolk in 2006. I have been a Response and SNT Officer, Area Car Driver, RAPT Officer and worked within L & D as a Driver Trainer. I have also been seconded to CID, Special Branch and MIT.

Q. What made you want to be a Fed Rep?
A. Whenever I have needed help, support or Guidance the federation have always been there for me. I have a wealth of experience to draw on to assist colleagues who may find themselves being investigated and find the process daunting. Having been investigated myself I can draw upon these memories to assist my colleagues.

Q. Why do you think it’s important for members to be supported by fellow officers as their Reps?
A. As a Police Officer it is important for members to be supported by fellow officers as their Reps as we know the pressure they can be under. We have an understanding of how stressful the role is and can relate to them through their time of need.

Q. Which areas in particular are you looking forward to focusing on?
A. I have just completed a Health and Safety course and look forward to assisting the lead in this area. I am shortly attending a Mental Health First Aid course. I feel more officers mental health will be an issue in the coming years and may need greater support than what is currently offered.

Q. What should members do if they’re concerned about anything?
A. If members are concerned about anything, try and talk to a local rep who hopefully can offer guidance and support or who will be able to signpost them where they can find the additional assistance they are looking for.

Q. What would you say to colleagues who might wonder where their subs go?
A. Ask their local reps or go on to the Norfolk polfed website. Check out the national federation website as well. The federation is an open and transparent organisation.