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Norfolk Police Federation

Christmas and New Year Message from Andy Symonds, Chair of Norfolk Police Federation

23 December 2021

Christmas and New Year Message from Andy Symonds, Chair of Norfolk Police Federation

As 2021 draws to a close I want to take a moment to reflect on what my colleagues have done in this immensely challenging year. They’ve placed their physical and mental well-being on the line to help this country navigate through this awful pandemic which sadly still has us all firmly in its grip.

Officers have stepped up onto a level I didn’t realise they had in them. Before COVID hit us and brought all its extra demands my colleagues were already at their limit. Working on fumes sometimes but as they always do, they’ve proved again and again that they are ‘can do’ professionals who produce outstanding results day by day, 24/7, 365. 99% of this great work goes unreported by the media.

It’s so often bad news stories, unfair criticisms that are reported.

This negativity does and is impacting on my colleagues’ morale. The vast majority are outstanding people doing jobs that no one else in society wants to do or even think about. 

The Christmas and New year holidays are not holidays for police officers many of them will be working while the majority of us will be at home with family and loved ones enjoying Christmas and in due course the New Year celebrations.

This is one of the many sacrifices that officers have to accept when they join ‘the job’. 

Unfortunately, we’ve seen that all of the many sacrifices made by officers have not led to a pay award this year. Something which still sticks in my throat and my colleagues. 

I do know that the vast majority of the public do support us and the vital work we do. I know many of them are also shocked that officers received no pay award this year. The blame is sitting squarely in the laps of the Government. 

I do hope that all of my colleagues will find some quality family time over the Christmas and New Year between the time at work. To attempt to recharge the batteries which I’m certain are on low or empty. 

I wish to thank them for the heroics they’ve performed and continue to do so as we approach an uncertain beginning to 2022. I also want to thank the family of my colleagues who are simply amazing in their support of their loved ones who wear the uniform. They create the environment that allows my colleagues to do the outstanding job they do all year every year!

Merry Christmas and here’s to a happier and healthier 2022. 

Kind Regards

Andy Symonds
Branch Chair