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Norfolk Police Federation

Officers who must self-isolate will not be penalised in sickness absence, says Federation

18 May 2020

Police officers who have to self-isolate due to the risk of Covid-19 will not be penalised in their sickness absence records, Norfolk Police Federation has confirmed.

If officers have to take time off work because they or their family members are displaying coronavirus symptoms, the time will not count towards sickness absence - even if not tested for Covid-19.

This is one of the victories that the Federation has counted recently in its fight for members.

Andy Symonds, Norfolk Police Federation Chair, said: “We know it is a tough time for police officers - going through lockdown and dealing with policing in these difficult and strange times. So we have done as much as we can to make life easier for members. And we continue to push the force and make sure they are fair and open and operating within regulations.”

Andy listed interest-free loans and metal health support for officers as other areas where the Federation has been hard at work with the force. The Federation has also worked hard to ensure officers have plentiful access to PPE.

He added: “PPE was a difficult issue so we have done a lot of work in Gold and Silver meetings and we have been putting officers’ views across very strongly - making sure they have the right equipment. I’m glad to say the force have stepped up and we have a enough stocks.

”This is a big positive for officers as it was a significant concern for them - that they would have enough to protect themselves. Police officers have to get hands-on with the public; there is no social distancing when you are arresting someone. So it is vital for their safety that they are protected as best they can be.”


The Federation is now working through more specific cases, representing members who are pregnant or are required to support members of their family who are vulnerable and need shielding. Andy added: “This is on top of dealing with the current caseload of work that the Federation is doing in supporting and representing its members in all manner of areas across commands and the entire force. These things do not stop and are still important.”