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Norfolk Police Federation

Norfolk officers worried about financial hardships during Covid-19 can apply for a loan from the Benevolent Fund

4 May 2020

Police officers who are worried about their families financial position during the coronavirus outbreak can apply for a loan from the force benevolent fund.

Andy Symonds, Chairman of Norfolk Police Federation, said: “In terms of financial welfare, we are concerned that many officers have other halves who have been affected by furlough, job losses and loss of income when self-employed. We want to make sure officers can get by, during these challenging times.”

Officers can apply for an interest-free loan, whereby repayment is taken from their salary. Payment holidays are also being considered, giving officers time to make repayments. In some cases officers will be able to request that the repayments don’t start until they can

Applications can be made through the Federation, or directly to the force Benevolent Fund, meaning officers if needed can access some funds during this uncertain time.

Andy added: “There is a bit of a financial buffer available. It’s not masses of money but it will hopefully see our members through a difficult period.

“There are many officers who have partners whose income has gone to zero overnight and we have been working with the Chief Constable and the force Benevolent Fund and are now at the position whereby they will consider applications for interest-free loans to see officer through this uncertain period. We are pleased that by working together our members will benefit giving them access to a bit of cash to ease the burden in an already difficult time.”

A welfare pack providing contacts for agencies that can help and other services has been sent out to all officers. This includes access to a financial helpline for officers who are members of the Fed Group Insurance Scheme. Those that are not can find signposting to our specialist policing stakeholders who can officer financial advice.