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Norfolk Police Federation

Chairman's Blog: Lockdown returns, what does that mean for Norfolk officers?

6 November 2020

The country has entered into another lockdown - so what does this mean for police officers here in Norfolk?

Blog from Norfolk Police Federation Chairman Andy Symonds.

Well they will as police officers always do serve the public and their communities by upholding the law in a sensible and pragmatic way by continuing to explain and encourage us all to adhere to the new changes regulations and law.

However for those in the communities we serve who flout the these laws and place all of us at risk I know that my colleagues will deal fairly and robustly with these people.

We have at time during this pandemic been seen at the bad guys but we as officers cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore. I have and continue to have full trust and confidence in my colleagues who are out on the front line of this pandemic trying their hardest to police in what is an ever changing and demanding environment.

I know my colleagues also have the support of the majority of the public and I’ve heard from officers about the small messages they’ve been receiving as well as the odd hot drink and chocolates they’ve been offered from many members of the community while they are out policing.

I want to shout from the roof tops about the work my colleagues do day in day out in addition to policing this pandemic. They have been 1st class and I’ve seen and spoken to officers that have put their physical and mental wellbeing on the line to do the job they love in serving and protecting our communities.

I know my detective colleagues are working flat out and are pulling out fantastic results for vulnerable victims. My colleagues on our roads and armed policing teams continue to keep our roads safe from not only from drink/drug drivers, uninsured vehicles but from organised criminals who use Norfolk’s road network to travel to move stolen goods and drugs.

All of this work continues unabated during this pandemic which has not lasted eight months now.

My colleagues are under strain and this has its impacts physically and mentally. I urge the minority of people within our communities that we’ve seen continue to ignore and break the Covid-19 laws to stop it and think of the impact this is having on all of our health as well as the time and effort required to police breaches.

This is time spent away from other crimes and policing work that demands our attention.