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Norfolk Police Federation

Easy Guide to police regs

8 March 2019

Norfolk Federation have been working on a document which we hope will make it easier for officers to understand what they're entitled to claim under police regs. Previous guides have provided difficult

This document will assist officers to understand their entitlements when they complete overtime, rest day working, advancement of shift, public holiday working, rest day reinstatement, recall to duty, recall from annual leave and much more. Norfolk Fed has written this document in a way we hope is much easier to understand than previous guides and it provides guidance on the regulations, determinations and home office circulars etcetera that gives officers their rights to compensation whilst they perform their duties under these circumstances.

Andy Symonds, Chair said "I’m aware that many officers don’t know exactly what they are entitled to claim in various circumstances due to how complicated regs are and to interpret against a certain scenario. Not only this but due to the sheer volume of calls and e-mails we get in the office querying your entitlements it is clear better understanding and therefore information is needed."

It will also give supervisors who are signing of their colleagues overtime & expenses claims the confidence that they know what their signing for is correct.

Officers have been e-mailed directly containing the document. Please find the link below which will upload the document for your reference;

Duties/Regs Flow Chart