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Policing - The Job & The Life survey launched by Police Dependents Trust

30 October 2018

The PDT (Police Dependents Trust) have launched a survey called The Job & The Life


The Job & The Life is the UK’s first force-wide policing survey to assess trauma management and working conditions. IT is being independently delivered by the University of Cambridge.

The questions invite an honest look at how trauma exposure is managed and how working conditions shape the policing experience in the current climate.

The survey addresses key issues emerging from recent research (including the 2016 Injury on Duty Report) and looks to provide more clarity on what support is needed, possible and helpful for operational officers and staff.

This survey has been commissioned by the Police Dependants' Trust, a UK-wide charity caring for those who suffer harm as a result of their policing role, and is being run by the University of Cambridge.

This UK-wide survey aims to gain a better understanding of your experiences of working in policing and, in particular, how everyday trauma is being managed, and how it affects your life. The results will be used to develop the work of the Police Dependants' Trust and will help guide policy makers by providing a clearer picture of the support that you need.

It's completely independent of the police service and is anonymous.

This survey matters. The more of you that complete it (it should take about 15 minutes), the better the picture. After you've finished, it would be really helpful if you would ask your colleagues to take part too. What you tell us will help to shape support for policing now and in the future.

The survey is now open and closes on 30th November 2018.

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