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Norfolk Police Federation

Can you help a Norfolk Police Officer's son?

14 December 2018

£1 to make a little boys life lovably, liveable.

William, now aged 10 has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) a life limiting muscle wasting condition that has no cure or treatment. William will need a powered wheelchair very soon, as he is losing the strength to propel himself in a normal wheelchair. The English NHS are able to assist with the wheelchair, but understandably, they will not do this until modifications are made to his home, this includes a downstairs bedroom, with a wetroom, the extending of all the doorways, a new entrance and charging areas for his wheelchair.

We have had plans drawn up and have planning permission to undertake the modifications for William, what we don't have is the funds, as our funding stream fell through. Like everyone else we are challenged with daily living and costs, and so we are asking for donations of just £1, the coin you put in your trolley at the supermarket, 1/2 of your daily coffee, a sum that could be achievable, and then to share this story with everyone you know, share, share share, and hopefully that £1 donation will multiply and provide what I, as his dad, am unable to do, and feel a failure because of it. Those of you that have children will understand this horrible feeling, but when we are talking about monopoly money sums to do something, as a parent you feel absolutely helpless, especially when each charity you turn to are unable to help.

William had a late diagnosis of DMD, most boys are diagnosed around 4, William was 8, and we have little time to complete the modifications to the home, an early diagnosis would have allowed us to plan Williams future, for us we had to throw all we had into the purchase of the house we live in, as we knew we would need modifications, I am getting an old boy now 50, so the mortgage is high, and there is no equity in the house that others have been able to use to remortgage.

So here we are, appealing to the world, to donate a £1, and share the hell out of this campaign, if you know or are able to help with other fundraising ideas then please get in touch, this is new territory to me, I always strive to provide for my family, but this mountain of need is beyond me.

Thank you for reading this, and if you are unable to donate, then could i ask that you just share this with your friends, workplace, clubs, family, anyone you can, because every single £1 counts.

Williams Dad is Sgt Gary Hagg, he is trying hard to raise this money but needs a little help from his colleagues. Gary said, "Hi, I’m a Dad to William, and just like every dad in the world, I want to do the best for my child, but sometimes your best isn’t good enough, and you have to reach out for help... so here it is, what my son needs is beyond me, and I am asking if you could find it within you to help?

Please visit the JustGiving page and donate anything you can.