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Hertfordshire Police Federation

National Police Healthcare Scheme

Members of Hertfordshire Police Federation can now get access to the benefits of private healthcare for as little as £16 per month*.

The National Police Healthcare Scheme aims to cover the cost of hospitalisation and specialist medical fees, for treatment for acute medical conditions, both as an in-patient and out-patient. But the scheme also covers the cost of outpatient physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture treatment up to £200 per course. 

Subscription costs start at just £16 per month (for officers aged 18 to 29) and membership of the scheme can be extended to a member’s spouse, family and children. Police officers and staff who sign up get the first three months free and the first year is free for student officers.

“We are really pleased to be able to offer this scheme to our members and their families,” says Luke Mitchell, chair of Hertfordshire Police Federation, “Everyone is aware of the pressures facing the NHS with often long waiting lists causing delays in getting a diagnosis or treatment for an illness or other medical condition.

“This scheme gives members the opportunity to have the benefits of private healthcare and therefore quicker access to the treatment they need. I would urge all members to take a closer look at what the scheme has to offer but would particularly encourage student officers to sign up as soon as possible since their first year’s membership is free of charge.”

You can find out more about the scheme –  including the process for making a claim and details of what is and is not covered - in the rules booklet.

*Scheme costs:

Members age











Member only






£   46.00

£   58.00




Member & spouse






£   92.00
















Member & Child(ren)






£   66.00

£   86.00




Following their 21st birthday, a child can remain in the scheme at the rate of £16.00, which will apply in the month following their 21st birthday. This applies until they reach the age of 30, at which point their payments will increase in accordance with the current age-related subscriptions.

Police officers and police staff

Student officers.


Scheme details - officers and staff

Scheme details - student officers

First year free for student officers

Scheme rules