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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Police charities

There are a number of charities and organisations offering support, help and advice specifically for police officers.

You can find out more on the charities' own websites (see list below), via your workplace Federation representative or by contacting the Federation office.

The Blue Lamp Foundation - PC David Rathband's charity supports any police officer, firefighter or ambulanceman or woman injured on duty through grants.

Christian Police Association (CPA) - there is a branch of the CPA in most forces in England and Wales.

Care of Police Survivors (COPS) - offers peer support and counselling to the families of fallen officers and staff.

Police Care UK - provides grants to individuals and organisations and supports officers suffering a physical or psychological injury on duty and the families of officers killed on duty.

Police Firearms Officers' Association (PFOA) - the PFOA was set up to support officers involved in firearms operations and their families.

Police Medical Welfare Service - the charity provides support to officers and staff with a medical need, this may include being off sick, injured or being assaulted.

Police Pensioners' Housing Association (PPHA) - set up in 1968, the charity provides sheltered warden assisted accommodation for retired police officers, their spouses or widows or widowers who are over 60 and able to care for themselves.

The National Association of Police Chaplains - police chaplains, of all faiths, speak to officers in confidence on or off duty, visit officers who are ill at either home or in hospital, get involved in an officer or member of police staff dies, particularly if on duty and offer support to officers and staff facing difficulties professionally or personally.