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Hertfordshire Police Federation


Did you know?

  • That if you’re retained on duty you can claim reasonable food expenses as long as you have receipts and it’s necessarily obtained? 
  • That you may be able to claim travelling expenses if you perform a split shift or you’re recalled to duty between two tours? 
  • That if you’re injured on duty and you incur NHS medical costs (prescription charges, emergency dental costs), you can reclaim that cost from the Force? 
  • That if you’re retained on duty you can claim a meal on the way home? It must be necessarily obtained, reasonable and you must give a receipt. 
  • If you’re prevented from having your usual meal during a shift you can buy one and claim the difference in cost? The cost must be reasonable and you must give a receipt. 
  • That if you’re required to move house for work in the interests of efficiency or exigencies of duty, you may be able to claim for some costs? Certain conditions apply.

Pensions buy-back

Did you know?

  • That paid family leave is automatically pensionable? Members pay pension contributions on the salary they receive and in return it counts as pensionable service. 
  • That if you’re on unpaid family leave and want to maintain your pensionable service for that period, you’ll have to make payments into your pension to cover this time? 
  • That members of all three police pension schemes can buy-back the following types of unpaid family leave:
    • Maternity leave
    • Maternity support leave
    • Adoption leave
    • Adoption support leave
    • Parental leave.
  • That if you’re a member of a police pension scheme and wish to buy-back unpaid family leave you should contact the Force's pensions’ administrator for further guidance.

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