90 days from today is Thu, 28 December 2023

Hertfordshire Police Federation


Police staff members

Police staff members are able to join the Hertfordshire Police Federation standalone travel and RAC package at a monthly cost of £12.60 for under 65s and £19.10 for 65 - 69-year-olds.

The policy is a rolling 12-month cover with automatic renewal and a minimum cover period of 12 months.

Please see link below for full details of cover Travel & RAC (polfed.org) and if you wish to join the scheme please contact jane.gettings@herts.police.uk who will be able to provide you with an application form.

Travel policy document - 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024

Please be aware that all cover previously provided by George Burrows under the scheme name of Police Staff Personal Protection Insurance Scheme has now ceased with effect from 31 March 2022 and all cover has been transferred to an alternative provider