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Tax Codes

16 May 2018

Following the recent force wide email concerning tax codes and due to the overwhelming receipt of several hundred emails and phone calls, Caroline Harris apologises that she is unable to respond on an individual basis, but would like to offer the following guidance and information:

For your information the correct tax codes shown on month 12 ie. March 2018 payslip should be 1189L.

Broken down as follows:
Personal tax allowance £11,500
Professional subs £259 (membership of police fed)
Flat rate expenses £140

New tax year ie. 6th April 2018 which will be month 1 payslip should be 1224L.

Personal tax allowance £11,850
Professional subs £259 (membership of Police Federation)
Flat rate expenses £140

Please note tax codes may appear differently to the above due to personal circumstances.

Please do not contact the Force as they are unable to deal with these type of queries.

If you feel the above allowances are incorrect please print off and complete the following tax template letter, http://www.westmidspolfed.com/media/downloads/taxation-2018.pdf and send to HMRC.

Tax Code Open Session

Alternatively, the Federation are offering a Tax Code Open Session where assistance and support will be offered on an individual basis at the Federation offices on the 18th June. You can attend at any time between 10:00 – 14:00.

To register your interest please contact the Federation on 0121 700 1200 or via email westmidlandspf@polfed.org

If you are unable to attend the Open Session, the next Federation Roadshow is on 9th July at Coventry where information will be available.


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