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14 November 2018

Annual leave will be the theme of a new national campaign to raise awareness of officers’ entitlements.

The campaign – entitled Did You Know? – will go live on Wednesday (21 November) with the first focus on annual leave.

It will answer the following questions:

  • How much annual leave am I entitled to?
  • If I have to work on a day of annual leave what compensation am I entitled to?
  • If I receive compensation for working a day of annual leave, what is ‘a day of annual leave’ and what is ‘a day’s pay’?
  • How much annual leave can I carry over at the end of the year?

The answers can be found in the updated Quick Reference Guide, a Welsh and English version of which can be found here.

In the coming months the Did You Know? campaign will also cover the topics of rest days, performance and pension buy-back.

Information will be available and regularly updated at www.polfed.org/didyouknow when the campaign goes live next week.



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