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23 July 2020

Whether you are looking to buy or lease a new car, rent a vehicle, take out a new motor insurance policy or get your car repaired then don’t go any further without checking out our various Member Services offers.

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For vehicle leasing, contract hire and rent, you can access offers with BMW Mini, the Bridle Group Vehicle Leasing (formerly Autoplan), Flexible Autos, the Ford Advantage Scheme, Holiday Autos, JET Vehicle Finance, Motorfinity Leasing, Peugeot Contract Hire and Rhino Car Hire.

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In addition to the car hire available through Flexible Autos and Holiday Autos, there are also separate hire for leisure offers through APH and Fly Park, the specialist in airport car parking. Find out more.

You and your family can insure your vehicles through Police Insure, which specialises in offering insurance policies for members of the policing family. Police Insure also offers home and motorcycle insurance.

You can also access insurance deals with Motorfinity GAP Insurance and Police Mutual by visiting our vehicle insurance page.

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