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Don’t use coronavirus as a weapon

13 May 2020

West Midlands Police Federation chair Jon Nott has urged the public to respect officers and front-line workers dealing with the coronavirus crisis in a TV interview.

Jon says it is unacceptable for police and fellow key workers to be assaulted, spat at or coughed on at any time, but particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said: “We would urge the public not to use COVID-19 as a weapon, not to assault any key workers at any point for any reason, but particularly with COVID – don’t use that as a weapon.

“It’s bad enough with the pandemic that we have at the moment without officers being assaulted, so please respect our officers and respect all key workers.”

Jon’s comments came in an interview on ITV Central News for a feature drawing attention to incidents where front-line workers have been coughed on or spat at while on duty.

He also called for people who put the health and wellbeing of key workers at risk to face the stiffest possible sentences.

Watch the Central News feature and a new front-line workers’ video


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