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Norfolk Police Federation

Christmas and New Year Message from Norfolk Police Federation Chair

23 December 2020

Another year nearly completed, and it’s been a year in which none of us expected with the Covid-19 crisis that has enveloped the entire world.

I'd like to start by thanking all Norfolk Police officers for working under immense pressures this year, particularly given the huge burden that Covid-19 has placed upon us as a police service and continues to do so.

Yet again officers have proved that they are ‘can do’ and have stepped up to the plate and got the job done. And they deserve immense credit for that.

Norfolk Police Federation is not all about collecting subscriptions and dealing with misconduct matters. We engage and challenge the force at daily meetings, advising on Police Regulations, consulting over policy changes and new policies, representing officers’ views and concerns, not just the vocal few but making sure it’s fair for all.

We are in frequent contact with both Resource Management team and Chief Officers to make sure that enforced rest day working is truly the last option in a challenging environment. 

We have had many successes in various fields, be that Grievances, Employment Tribunals, Misconduct, Unsatisfactory Performance & Attendance Procedures and many more. For understandable reasons I can't go into detail as we are bound by confidentiality and the details are personal to the officers who have been supported through these processes, all of whom would and do sing the Federations praises.

Sadly in 2020 we have continued to see too many colleagues be assaulted.

Statistics show assaults against Norfolk officers are going up. Government figures show a total of 659 officers were assaulted in 2019/20 compared to 582 in 2018/19.

Of the 659 assaults carried out in the past year, 127 left Norfolk Police officers with an injury of some sort. Nationally more than 30,000 officers were attacked, an increase of 3% on 2018/19.

These attacks cause significant physical and mental injuries which at the moment, not enough cognisance of these impacts is being considered when the offenders are sentenced.

Stronger sentencing must come in as a deterrent in 2021.

I have been arranging and meeting with the 9 Norfolk MP's during 2020 - all of them being held virtually due to Covid-19.

I have been putting all of your views to them and the challenges that officers face day in day out. I have been forthright in these meetings explaining the realities of policing. I cover as much as I can in the allotted time, I have with them. The constant rise in assaults, poor sentencing by the courts, pay and conditions, the lengthy IOPC investigations and response and pursuit driving protections needed.

There will be more of this in 2021.

I have this year managed to get back out onto patrol a few times with some of you, which I’ve enjoyed and it brings home what a tough job we all have. I’ve also kept my PSU ticket up to date although probably like most of you wonder why I do with the re-rostered and cancelled rest days.

In conclusion, it’s a privilege to be your Norfolk Police Federation Chairman, an honour to be your voice and I want to thank you for your support.

From everyone in the Norfolk Police Federation’s office, we’d like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope that 2021 brings you and your family good health and happiness.

Please stay safe.