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Norfolk Police Federation

Fantastic Discount @ Combat Paintball, Thetford only available until 8th Nov

1 November 2019

Limited time offer for heavy discount at Combat Paintball

Norfolk Police Federation has been working with Combat Paintball (Paul & Joe) who have a number of locations around the UK, including Thetford. We’re pleased to be able to offer the following heavily discounted package to police officers;
Combat Paintball are celebrating Christmas early with a sensational offer!

If you have friends or family that like paintball or if you are a manager that organises incentives or team days, read on.

You would normally pay £159.50 for a VIP pack of 10 tickets to go paintballing, with lunch and 100 balls per player.
The offer is ALL 10 TICKETS for £20.00. No, that’s not a misprint, that’s £20.00 for 10!

The only thing you need to pay for is extra ammo with the tickets as standard! You will require more ammo.

You can buy as many sets of 10 as you like!! However this offer expires at 1600hrs on 8th November 2019.

They are valid for 12 MONTHS from the day you buy them, come in nice gift packs and you don’t have to use them all at once. The minimum age is 11 and this year they are allowing people to resell them on to friends and families, raffle them, auction them, basically anything you want them for, in or outside of work


Please TEXT or EMAIL on 07825998107 or paulandrewwilson@live.co.uk with the following details;

Sets required


Harry Bradstone
7 sets

Payment is by online banking. Bank details can be e-mailed to you on enquiry. Once complete, tickets will be posted the same day.

ANY QUESTIONS CALL PAUL ON 07757275720 OR JOE ON 07825998107 or e-mail paulandrewwilson@live.co.uk

Kind Regards
Combat Paintball