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Flint House Police Rehabilitation

Flint House Police Rehabilitation

Flint House is a charity, entirely funded by donations from those in the police service and their families. It is with these generous donations that they help and heal over 3,200 serving and retired police officers each year, providing physical rehabilitation and mental health support.

Flint House offers a safe, relaxed environment for serving and retired officers. Everyone is treated with care and respect (no ranks, no hierarchy) by their caring and experienced practitioners. Whether a new recruit or an experienced veteran, there’s a good chance you’ll need their services at some point.

They offer a plethora of rehabilitation facilities including an Indoor Gym, 12.5m Swimming Pool, Hydrotherapy Pool and Mental Health Lodge to provide guests with the best experience possible on the road to recovery. Their physiotherapists, nurses and healthcare professionals help officers get back on duty quickly, effectively and with long-lasting results.

All bedrooms are single occupancy, equipped with en-suite bathrooms as well as Freeview TV and free WiFi. Your stay will also give you 3 delicious and nutritious meals every day which are prepared using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Vegetarian and Vegan options are also available. 

Socialising areas include a relaxed bar for residents, comfortable lounge areas, TV rooms and a games room with pool table. Quizzes are hosted as well as opportunities for motivational speakers to attend and offer horticultural therapy.  


How to apply: 

To apply to use the facilities and services provided by Flint House you must be either a serving member of the police service, or a retired officer; and have signed-up to donate.

SERVING OFFICERS: The following positions are eligible to apply for treatment: Serving Police Officer (warranted officer) including Special Constable, Police Community Support Officer, Police Community Support Investigator, Designated Detention Officer, Escort Officer, British Transport Police, Ministry of Defence, Civil Nuclear Constabulary, National Crime Agency, Port Officer: Channel Islands, Gibraltar Police.

RETIRED OFFICERS: If you spent the majority of your police service in one of Flint House Police Rehabilitation’s constituent forces, or since retiring have relocated to a Flint House constituent force, you are eligible to donate and apply for treatment – you will need to be in receipt of a police pension, or in receipt of a medical pension, and you must not have been dismissed as a result of gross misconduct. At check-in the Reception team will ask to see proof that you are in receipt of your police pension payments.

All decisions on admission for treatment will always be based on the merits of each individual case and admission prioritised on the need for treatment.

Intensive physiotherapy, exercise and gym work help fast-track you back to fitness from an injury sustained on or off-duty.

We understand the importance of good mental health, which is why we offer tailored programmes to support you. It is OK to ask for help.

Failed a JFRT or AFT in the last 6 months? Our bespoke virtual conditioning programme can help you get into shape to pass your next test!


You can apply for physical rehabilitation and mental health support as soon as your first donation has been processed. Your monthly donation of just £7.37 per month is easy to set-up by Direct Debit, just click on the link here. If you wish to donate through payroll you can. Amounts may differ from force to force and you need to authorise the monthly payments through your Payroll Department.

If you’re a former officer with a police pension; or a medical pension you can apply for treatment. A donation of £5 per month gives you access to the same clinical services as serving police officers. To find out more, just click the link here.


To see more of what Flint House offers and the services they provide, please visit the website here at Home - Flint House Police Rehabilitation.


Flint House Lottery:

Flint House has launched a jackpot lottery aimed at raising extra funds.

Each month there will be a top prize of £1,000 with other cash prizes of £200, £100 and four of £50 each.

Entry into the lottery is £1 per entry per month. You will then be allocated a five digit lottery number for each entry you make.

More details about how to take part in the Flint House lottery can be found at Flint House Lottery.