Leicestershire  Police Federation

Welfare Van

Federation Welfare Van

The new van has a fully heated seating area with access to a fridge, microwave and hot water boiler and numerous 240V sockets as well as some USB connections. In the rear is a heated storage area with more power sockets, and a toilet and hand wash area. There is a retractable canopy and full side awnings along with external lighting.

The van is a replacement for our previous vehicle, which has been invaluable, but given the commitment of other Branches in the country to investing in newer vehicles with better facilities, we felt it was time for a serious upgrade.

It is available to support officers through scene preservations, training in remote areas and for Federation engagement days when we can travel to see you for pop up surgeries. Our policy document, checklist and FAQ guide can be found below.

Please read the Policy document if you are considering contacting us to ask for a deployment. It contains the details of how to request the van and examples of when it should be considered and when we may decline a request.


Should you wish to use the van, during office hours call 0116 218 3131. Out of hours please try and locate an on duty Rep, and if none are available a Sgt or Inspector should make contact with us via the On-Call facility.