Leicestershire  Police Federation


Police Federation National Detective Forum (PFNDF)

National Detectives' Forum

The Police Federation's National Detectives' Forum (PFNDF) represents the interests of detectives across England and Wales with particular emphasis on their welfare, efficiency and effectiveness.

It sets out to do this by:

  • Influencing internal and external decision makers on identified matters affecting the role of the detective.
  • Identifying, promoting and encouraging best practice, both nationally and internationally and disseminating such good practice through the membership of the group.
  • Supporting and encouraging effective communication through regular meetings with its members and other agencies and departments.
  • Emphasising the importance and continuance of the role and lobbying for an enhanced skill profile and development of professional competencies which are consistently applied and suitable for meeting the needs of changing expectations.
  • Seeking to promote and encourage strong effective leadership at the operational level, through skilled experienced police managers who have a sound knowledge, awareness and understanding of all vocational competencies to fulfil the requirements of the role.

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