Leicestershire  Police Federation

Flint House Update

Flint House Admissions – change in policy     

This is for the information of all subscribing members of the Charities Fund – namely Flint House.

Flint House have changed the rules for admissions for current Serving Officers.

There is no longer subject to a moratorium for pre-existing conditions.

Therefore the following now applies –

You have to subscribe to the Charities Fund and the monthly costs is £10.15

You can apply for either Physiotherapy or Mental Health intervention in the usual way.

You need to provide your latest payslip with the completed applications forms and on receipt in HR these will be sent to Flint House for processing.

Any queries speak to the Benevolent Fund Administrator

Dominique Allen

Benevolent Fund Administrator/ Treasurer

UK Cops Force Liaison.

Email: Dominique.Allen@leics.police.uk