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Leicestershire Police Federation Secretary Jon Carter-Lang appointed a new Flint House trustee

27 October 2020


Leicestershire Police Federation Secretary Jon Carter-Lang appointed a new Flint House trustee


Helping officers who may be suffering from poor mental and physical health has never been more important.

It’s one reason why Leicestershire Police Federation Secretary Jon Carter-Lang wanted to get involved with Police Rehabilitation Centre Flint House.

Set in the Oxfordshire countryside, Flint House provides mental and physical rehabilitation for serving and former officers.

The demands being placed on frontline officers and the length of time they spend in service has seen a growing need for the services the centre provides.

The centre’s ‘unique’ physical and mental health programmes not only tackle the symptoms officers may be experiencing but often the causes too, while giving them a much-needed break from their day to day duties.

Jon has now become one of three new Trustees for the centre, an appointment he says he is ‘very proud’ to take up.

“I’m really excited to get involved and to be part of Flint House,” he said, “and I’m really proud to have been voted by my Federation colleagues to take up this role.

“I wanted to be involved in something that gives a massive benefit to people.

“I’ve always had that interest, and my wife is a physiotherapist, so I’ve got that connection to the profession as well so it’s something that I’ve got a personal interest in,” he added.

One of his goals as a Trustee is to recruit more police officers to donate to the service.

“It’s really hard to recruit officers to sign up to Flint House and any other kind of police scheme if you don’t capture them in their first couple of weeks of becoming a police officer, so I am looking at different strategies of how to attract those already serving as officers and sell the benefits to them,” he said.

Jon says he also hopes to work with other Trustees at Flint House to provide officers with quick access to low-level mental health treatment to try and help those who may be suffering in silence.