Leicestershire  Police Federation

Registering with Police Dependants' Trust

As a serving Police Officer please be aware that if you have sustained a serious injury whilst on duty you can now register your details with the Police Dependants' Trust. Please note documentary evidence of the injury will be required.

As no one knows what tomorrow holds for us - I would strongly recommend that you register.

If you have been diagnosed with having PTSD as a result of an incident at work - please contact the Administrator and register.

If you require more information please contact the Benevolent Fund Administrator who will send you the application form to register.

The registration process is painless and free and it may be of benefit to you in later years.

The Police Federation has mentioned that in excess of 200 officers have been injured in the past year, so I would urge you to register your details.  To register, please completed the application form

Should you want more information feel free to go to their website www.pdtrust.org

Please read the testimonial under social news on the Force intranet.



Benevolent Fund Administrator