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Hertfordshire Police Federation

The fight for better pay continues

21 April 2022

As I write my latest message, I’m full of frustration, disappointment and sadness to see that the topic remaining at the top of everyone’s discussions is poor pay for officers.

I can only reassure you that we, as a Federation, are not backing down on this and we stand together, with the national Federation, as we fight for better pay for members. These issues simply cannot be avoided, and as I’ve said before, we need to face them head-on.

And what’s more, we’re hearing reports that an increase in workload is having a detrimental impact on detectives, with 61 per cent (nationally) admitting that they are now considering leaving their role.

It’s tough to hear morale among members is so low, particularly within Hertfordshire and we are working with the Force to address the issues highlighted in the latest pay and morale survey.

Furthermore, I’d also like to echo the efforts being made by Oscar Kilo – the National Police Wellbeing Service - to stamp out the stigma surrounding mental health and better support our members with their wellbeing. While progress is clearly being made to raise awareness around suicide prevention, there is so much more that needs to be done.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind our members that the Federation is here for you and is ready to support you with any concerns you have surrounding your mental health. Equally, please take the time today to reach out to your colleagues and loved ones and see how they are feeling. It’s OK not to feel OK.

As members, we should all be supporting one another as much as we can. As always, thank you for the fantastic work you continue to do.