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Hertfordshire Police Federation

Courses available to help with suicide awareness and prevention

12 August 2021

Hertfordshire Police officers are being offered free suicide awareness and prevention training.

The County Council has commissioned national self-harm service Harmless to provide training for frontline officers, staff and volunteers who may come into contact with vulnerable, at-risk people.

The courses are run by Let's Talk Training, Harmless’ specialist training department, which delivers a range of CPD-accredited and bespoke services around self-harm, suicide awareness and prevention and mental health. 

The online courses are fully-funded by the council and are free for professionals and volunteers working with those vulnerable to suicide risk across the county.

They are designed to improve knowledge and understanding of suicide and identify risk groups and warning signs.

Participants will look at how to develop skills and confidence in responding to someone in suicidal crisis and understand how to implement effective practical support.

They will also be given advice on how to recognise protective factors and the importance of recovery and support and discuss how and where to signpost individuals to the appropriate help.

The course will also examine how the coronavirus pandemic has changed risk and suicide presentation.

Hertfordshire Police Federation members can get more information and sign up to any of these upcoming training sessions via the Harmless Eventbrite page

Forthcoming courses:

Friday 13 August, 12.30pm - 4:30pm – book now.

Wednesday 18 August, 9am - 1pm ­– book now.

Thursday 2 September 9am - 1pm ­– via Zoom – book now.

Monday 6 September 12:30pm - 4:30pm ­– via Zoom – book now.

Wednesday 15 September 9am - 1pm ­– via Zoom – book now.

Monday 20 September 12:30pm - 4:30pm ­– via Zoom – book now.

Friday 24 September 9am - 1pm ­– via MS Teams – book now.

Tuesday 28 September 9am - 1pm ­– via Zoom – book now.

Thursday 30 September 9am - 1pm – via Zoom – book now.




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