28 days from today is Sun, 19 May 2024

Hampshire Police Federation

Winchester Health Clinic


Winchester Health Clinic are a brand-new physiotherapy clinic, based at Winchester Sports Centre, Bar End and are part of the University of Winchester. The clinic is run by experienced physiotherapists but regularly have physiotherapy students working in the clinic and they play a big part of what the clinic is about.

Being based in a leisure centre they have access to a brand-new gym and will be offering hydrotherapy services in the new year which is exciting and an unrivalled facility in the area.  The clinic offers our members a 25% discount on all sessions at just £30.

Working with Winchester Health Clinic we have secured access allowing you access to rapidly available, high quality care that can help reduce time off work due to muscle and bone injuries and keep officers who are currently suffering with any injury from needing any time off work.

Click here for an exclusive link for members and staff booking via this link will attract special offers and as such must take force identification with them to the appointment.