28 days from today is Tue, 31 October 2023

Hampshire Police Federation

Federation Welfare Van

Welfare of officers at any scene is of vital importance and the wellbeing van will provide relief to those deployed at scenes or other operations/events for long periods of time.

The primary objective of the wellbeing van is to provide a place for staff at scenes of incidents the ability to have a break from the scene/event with the necessary provisions of seating, microwave, toilet, wash facilities, food, water boiler.

Dry snacks, water, tea, coffee etc are onboard making it possible for immediate deployment.

With the functioning toilet onboard, the van really does look after our colleagues at any event or at any scene where it is deployed.

The wellbeing van will be located at Netley and the keys will be with the control room. To request the van please contact the FCR Inspector who will approve its use if it falls within policy (unless already approved at DMM/GRIP). Read the policy here.

The van has already seen action as soon as it arrived and was able to be deployed at a recent scene in Southampton!