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Hampshire Police Federation

Meet the team

To contact the office please call 02380 478920 (internal no. 4726 418) or email hampshire@polfed.org

Full-time Officials

Zoë Wakefield
Zoë Wakefield


07792 721935

Garry Smith
Garry Smith


Nicki Bell
Nicki Bell

Treasurer & Wellbeing Lead

Chrissie Wall
Chrissie Wall

Equality Lead

07940 275163

Spencer Wragg
Spencer Wragg

Conduct Lead

Office Staff

Lizzie Coady
Lizzie Coady

Management Assistant

Phil Callard
Phil Callard

Member Support Officer

Wendie Douglas
Wendie Douglas

Administration Officer


Rob Kearley
Rob Kearley - District Insp Fareham

Vice Chair

Stuart Freeston
Stuart Freeston - Park Gate

Deputy Secretary

Jo Nelson
Jo Nelson - Southampton Central

Deputy Treasurer

Sue Dawes
Sue Dawes - Fareham

Deputy Equality Lead

East Reps

Mark Brockman
Mark Brockman - Eastern PIC
Matt Curson
Matt Curson - Fareham OMT
Phil Hall
Phil Hall - Eastern PIC
Aliyah-Jade King
Aaliyah-Jade King - Portsmouth Dockyard
Steff Malone
Steff Malone - Eastern PIC
Frazer Unwin
Frazer Unwin - Havant RPU

Isle of Wight Reps

Moray Anderson
Moray Anderson - Cowes
Mike Godley
Mike Godley - Yarmouth
Justin Eaglen
Justin Eaglen - Newport
Simon O'Dea
Simon O'Dea - Newport CID
Ben Sharland
Ben Sharland - Shanklin

North Reps

Alex Boxall
Alex Boxall - R&P Winnall
Lindsey Campbell
Lindsey Campbell - Winchester
Geoff Hill
Geoff Hill - Aldershot
Dave Langford
Dave Langford - ARV Winnall
Marcus McDevitt
Marcus McDevitt - IOM Aldershot

Deputy Health & Safety Lead

Paul Sammons
Paul Sammons - Northern PIC
Jabr Shaladan
Jabr Shaladan - Winnall
Ty Tapper
Ty Tapper - Andover
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson - Northern PIC

West Reps

Alex Bellamy
Alex Bellamy - Hedge End
Katie Clift
Katie Clift - Netley

Professional Development Lead

Sean Duffy
Sean Duffy - L&D Netley

Health & Safety Lead

Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy - RPU
Neil Nancarrow
Neil Nancarrow - Netley - ICAT
Darren Ord
Darren Ord - R&P
Daryanne Ryan
Daryanne Ryan - Southampton Central
Geoff Speak
Geoff Speak - Netley -Training
Becky Veal
Becky Veal - Redbridge
Lisa Webb
Lisa Webb - Southampton Custody


June 2024