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Hampshire Police Federation

South East Allowance Update for Hampshire Police Federation Members

15 August 2022

Hampshire Police Federation continues to raise the vital importance of a substantial increase in the South East Allowance for members across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight with both the Chief Constable and the Police Crime Commissioner.

Nearly all Forces within our region have increased the amount they pay their officers, and this has been announced in recent weeks.

Other forces in our area have moved to the maximum South East Allowance of £2,000 a year, but Hampshire officers only receive £1,100.

It is reassuring that the Chief Constable recognises the need to bring our South East Allowance in line with other forces to prevent our members from leaving to join other forces.

And yet Hampshire Police Federation remains extremely disappointed that there is still no announcement for our members on what they will receive in an increase to their South East Allowance.

Officers from Hampshire and Thames Valley Police who work within the Joint Operation Unit between the forces are often deployed together. This means that officers working side by side are now paid vastly different amounts.

This adds greater need for an increase in what is paid to our members here in Hampshire.

Officers already feel undervalued, and we know a number are leaving Hampshire and moving to where pay reflects the unique role of Policing and the cost of living in this region.

Our members have already suffered a 20% pay cut when compared to inflation over the past decade and the 2022 pay rise officers are receiving is again well below inflation so colleagues are suffering another real terms pay cut this year.

Our PCC must do all within her capabilities to increase our South East allowance to the maximum amount possible and swiftly.

We also call on our Chief Constable and PCC to put continued pressure on Government for fair pay ensuring that our new Prime Minister honours their promise to review the unfair funding formula for the Constabulary.

Warm words and platitudes will not make officers' homes warm this winter.