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Hampshire Police Federation

Federation calls on Government to publicise plans for police pay to retail talented officers

14 November 2022

Hampshire Police Federation has called on the Government to publicise its plans for police pay if it is to retain talented police officers.

Zoë Wakefield, Federation Chair, spoke out after the Police Federation of England and Wales appealed to MPs to endorse an Early Day Motion on the matter.

Earlier this month, Emma Lewell-Buck, MP for South Shields, called on the Government to urgently explain the more than 25 per cent real-terms pay cut since 2010 for police officers, which is set to increase further with rises in the cost of living and inflation.

Zoë said: “I endorse this motion. It is very important for us all to have an explanation and be in a position to explain it to our colleagues. However, I would need more than just an explanation. I would like to know what the government’s plans are for police pay going forward.

“Police officers are putting themselves at risk every single day to protect the public. Experienced officers are leaving in larger numbers than I have ever seen. This should be a big red flag for the government that more needs to be done.”

Zoë also called on the Government to continue investing in the service, echoing a plea made by the National Police Chiefs’ Council this month.

Martin Hewitt, NPCC Chair, had called for ongoing funding for the service, and said cutting other public services would put even more pressure on the police.

Zoë added: “I agree with Mr Hewitt. The government cannot criticise police at every opportunity when Chiefs are trying to run police forces of ever decreasing budgets.

“Forces already attend many incidents because other public services cannot. This is going to get worse with others potentially taking industrial action. The government should let the police focus on policing. Recruiting more police officers is absolutely needed but that puts even more strain on the budgets.

“Cuts have consequences. Further cuts will have greater consequences and that really concerns me. I fear that my colleagues will be put at greater risk, not just of physical abuse/assault but also psychological injury.”