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Hampshire Police Federation

Police 2021 Pay Rise: Federation reaction

21 July 2021

Police officer 2021 pay rise decision announced by Government tonight: "As set out at the Spending Review (2020), there will be a pause to headline pay rises for the majority of public sector workforces in 2021-22"

Reacting, Zoe Wakefield, Chair of Hampshire Police Federation, said: “Tonight Hampshire Police officers are disgusted and angry at the decision of this Government to award them NOTHING through the Police Remuneration Review Body. 

“Let’s be honest, the PRRB is not impartial and this is a Government decision. It clearly shows what the Government thinks of police officers. 

“The NHS wholeheartedly deserve a 3% pay rise. Firefighters deserve a 1.5% pay rise. Do police officers really deserve NOTHING? Actually it is less than nothing in real terms. 

“My colleagues are feeling undervalued after everything they have done during the pandemic. They have been stabbed, bitten, kicked, punched, threatened, abused, coughed and spat at during the pandemic.

“They have been out there every day and night protecting the public, dealing with the COVID rule breakers all the time not only putting themselves at risk but also risking taking the virus home to their loved ones. 

“Where would the country be now if the police had not broken up all those house parties, policed the endless protests, particularly in London and Bristol, worked with the NHS in ICU, driven ambulances… and so much more. 

“It is not over for policing. Officers are working overtime so often that they are exhausted. They are covering for colleagues who are sick or self-isolating and this is all in addition to the constant shift changes because we just don’t have enough officers to meet demand. 

“I will be urgently meeting with John Apter and colleagues from around the country to discuss hopefully a united stance on this issue. 

“If any Hampshire Police officer wants to email me their suggestions on what we should do now, I want to hear it.” 

Reporting today, the “independent” Police Remuneration Review Body stated “This year our remit did not include making an overall pay award recommendation” so it did not bother. It also rejected any notion of a “bonus” for officers for their hard work policing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Police Federation of England and Wales said: “The current pay system for policing is not fit for purpose. We are forced to enter into an inherently unfair process from the start, with the odds weighted firmly in favour of the Government where, it seems, a decision has already been made when they set the parameters for the pay review body.


“It is now essential that we review this process and look to find an alternative. A solution that has the best interests of police officer pay at heart. We will be seeking the views of our members and calling an urgent meeting with our 43 Federation branches from across England and Wales to discuss our next steps.”