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Hampshire Police Federation

Hampshire Police officers return to force after a successful deployment to Scotland for COP26

16 November 2021

As over 250 Hampshire Police Federation members return to force following deployment to Scotland for Operation Urram - COP26 - branch Secretary Garry Smith reflects on the work of the branch and that of his colleagues he worked alongside whilst deployed in a level 2 capacity. 

On behalf of our branch, Garry was involved in discussions with the force starting a number of months ago as the planning team in Hampshire and Thames Valley started preparing to staff requests from police Scotland. 

Terms, conditions and wellbeing were at the forefront of discussions throughout. 

Hampshire’s response was somewhat hampered by a lack of direction and detail from the National Police Coordination Centre (NPoCC) and more closely from the South East Region Information Coordination Centre (SERICC). 

This had knock on effects impacting on notice of shift changes as well as compensation for hours worked and being held in reserve. 

A seat at the planning table within force ensured that those attending COP26: 

 Were paid overnight allowance throughout the operation 

 Issued with uniform and kit to fulfil the requirements set by Police Scotland 

 Inspectors were paid compensation mirroring the targeted variable payment guidelines 

 All members were awarded compensation for being held on reserve on rest days and the restrictions that bought them 

- Officers rest days had minimal restrictions due to engagement with our own PSD who recognised that guidance to deployed officers was appropriate given 

For those colleagues in force who had duties changed, they were compensated for cancelled rest days by being paid as opposed to a reallocated rest days. An agreement made with the force outside of Police Regulations.

Garry attended COP26 in his capacity as a level 2 sergeant in one of the 18 serials sent to Edinburgh. 

A number of other Federation representatives attended to support the operation in various operational roles including Moray Anderson, Alex Bellamy, Lindsey Campbell and Antony Waghorn. 

HPF Member support officer Phil Callard also attended in our own welfare vehicle and the team managed to meet a majority of our own members across Edinburgh and surrounding areas. 

Work based representative Jabr Shaladan attended COP26 for the whole deployment along with others Reps from across the country to support members with any post incident matter, conduct and well-being. 

It’s fair to say that our members fared well when looking at other forces and it is hoped that the work carried out by Hampshire Police Federation and his national colleagues can be built on in time for the Commonwealth Games.