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Hampshire Police Federation

Hampshire Police officers deployed at Cop26 in Scotland will receive bonus payment for final night away

16 December 2021

Hampshire Police officers who were deployed as part of the force’s mutual aid commitment to the Cop26 meeting in Scotland have learned they will receive a bonus payment for the final night of their recent deployment in recognition of the requirement to stay away from home.
Police regulations allow the Away from Home Allowance to be paid when officers are required to be away from home and are held in reserve for operational deployment. As officers were not held in reserve on the last night of the COP26 deployment national guidance was that the use of the allowance would not be appropriate and outside regulations.
This national approach was initially adopted by the Hampshire COP26 Gold, T/ACC Tim Metcalfe. However, this decision was quickly appealed by the Hampshire Police Federation.
Garry Smith, Secretary of Hampshire Police Federation, said: ‘Our members worked away from home and they worked long hours. They didn’t see a lot of protest because their work was preventative - they were there as a deterrent.
“However, they were away from home and, for some of them, that payment represents childcare that would have had to be arranged in their absence.
“For them not being paid the allowance on the last night felt like a real sucker punch - it was important the Federation made representations for members to get that payment.”
As a result of the appeal alternative mechanisms for recognising the disruption for officers on the last night of the deployment were explored and it was agreed by the force that a bonus payment should be made as an alternative to the Away from Home Allowance.
T/ACC Metcalfe said, “I am grateful to the Hampshire Police Federation raising this issue. The COP26 deployment was unprecedented in scale and the contribution made by Hampshire officers was first class. It is right that, given the limitations of police regulations, we have identified a way of recognising this commitment in respect of the last night.’
Garry added: “This is important because people worry about financial wellbeing. This is a great success for us – it is a small win and it shows our members that we are representing them and how well we work with the chief officer team.”