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Hampshire Police Federation

Hampshire Police Federation to host virtual catch ups to listen to officers concerns and issues

25 February 2021

Listening to officers and understanding their concerns and issues is a crucial part of Hampshire Police Federation’s work.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic hearing from members has been more of a challenge prompting Federation Chair Zoe Wakefield and Fed Reps to get online and chat to officers through Microsoft Teams.
It was a great chance to update members on the virus, police pensions, holidays, assaults, custody planning and more.
Understandably officers shared their worries about being in the frontline during the global pandemic and the new highly virulent strain of COVID-19.
Zoe said the Federation was engaging with the force in a bid to mitigate the spread of the virus and that the force was sticking to NPCC and College of Policing advice in how best to do that. Officers concerns were passed on the Op Mix Team.
More Teams catch-ups are planned for March and links and more details will be sent out ahead of each one via force GDL so check out the dates below if you have an issue to raise or question you’d like the Federation to put to the force.
March 1st 2021 0800hrs
March 4th 2021 2000hrs
March 15th 2021 1400hrs
March 18th 2021 1400hrs
In the meantime, if have a query or need help email; federation@hampshire.pnn.police.uk