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Hampshire Police Federation

Hampshire Federation Reps don't do their jobs for glory, but when they receive heartfelt thanks it's appreciated

17 June 2021

Police Federation Representatives don’t take on their roles for the glory, but once in a while they receive heartfelt thanks from officers they’ve helped in tough times.

And it is much appreciated.

One Hampshire officer who had been diagnosed with leukemia said: “From the outset the support I’ve had from the Federation has been truly amazing.

“After my initial conversation with the Rep, he referred me to Police Mutual for a welfare break. This soon came back as accepted, and I was lucky enough to be able to book a week in Cornwall last month. We all had an amazing time and it was just what I needed after three months in hospital last summer.”

The recovering officer said his Rep had supported him when he was feeling low during his cancer treatment. On behalf of his family and himself he thanked the Federation “for all the wonderful support we have had”, adding: “Thankfully I am now on the road to recovery and back to work full time.”

Another officer said she received “invaluable” support during an 18-month injury and a subsequent ill health retirement (IHR) procedure.

She said: “During the period of my absence from work I received only one visit from my then supervisor and then a second visit when my supervision changed, at which point I was promised the communication and support would get better. It didn’t. I felt forgotten and unimportant, once receiving months’ worth of welfare gift cards in the post, only after my Federation Rep checked if I had received any.

“If it wasn’t for my Rep and his support, guidance and empathy, my mental health would have been even more affected. I felt isolated and cut off, and he was the only person who offered practical support, guidance and always made himself available if I needed to talk something through. He was professional and kept in regular contact, which no one else did, and in my opinion went above and beyond.”

A third Hampshire officer said he had been helped by his Fed rep when he had difficulties in his personal life and didn’t feel supported by his department.

He said: “A member of staff from the Federation assisted me to help minimize and manage the obstacles I kept on encountering.

“In a time when you cannot help but feel alone and isolated, I received round-the-clock support. This helped me keep a positive outlook on the issues I was dealing with and provided something as simple as just someone to sound off to. This has helped me re-focus on my career and given me new long and short-term goals. I cannot thank you guys enough for all you do.”

The Federation Rep election process starts on 1 July and officers are encouraged to put themselves forward to be the voice of their colleagues. If you have any questions about the role, please get in touch with your local Rep.

Zoe Wakefield, Chair of Hampshire Police Federation, said: "Being a Federation Representative can be challenging but it is also very rewarding.

"I am very proud of the excellent Reps we have in Hampshire and this feedback is really nice to hear. Our Reps really do make a difference to officers when they are most in need. There is so much support we can offer. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch."