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Hampshire Police Federation

An increase to National Insurance on top of a police pay freeze set to leave officers struggling to get by

8 September 2021

An increase in National Insurance contributions, on top of this year’s police pay freeze, will leave officers struggling to get by and even considering leaving the service, Hampshire Police Federation has warned.

The 1.25% rise in National Insurance, which the Government says is needed to pay for health and social care, comes on top of a 0% pay rise for police officers, which is effectively a pay cut, Hampshire Police Federation Chair Zoë Wakefield said.

Zoë said: “The announcement by the Government of an increase in National Insurance contributions is causing concern among police officers, particularly those younger in service, who will be approximately £200 a year worse off.

“Officers have suffered years and years of cuts to their pay and this is effectively another pay cut.

“The Government clearly does not value police officers, and clearly does not feel that we deserve to be paid fairly for the valuable work we do and the daily risks we face.

“Experienced officers are considering leaving, as they can just see their pay decreasing every year. Young-in-service officers are struggling to get by, relying on food handouts from others on their team and being unable to fill their car up with petrol. Police officers are an important part of our communities and they should not have to struggle in this way.”

Other public sector workers have received a pay rise this year, while police officers earning over £24,000 received 0%. This amounts to a real-terms cut in pay, especially as inflation is at 2%.

John Apter, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) tweeted: “After more than a decade of pay caps and pay freezes, now an increase of NI, police officers will be seeing a significant cut to their pay at a time when they are at breaking point, many already broken. Policing is underfunded and undervalued by this Government.”

He continued: “After stepping up during the pandemic, facing the abuse, the assaults, working in hospitals, driving ambulances, removing bodies from homes, policing almost unenforceable legislation, this is their thanks. The Government has lost the trust of my colleagues.”