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Hampshire Police Federation

National Police Memorial Day 2020

19 October 2019

This is a photograph of Hampshire officers and families of police officers who sadly lost their lives on duty, at National police Memorial Day this year.
This extraordinary event was held in Glasgow, with representatives from Hampshire Police Federation attending along with the families of two officers taken whilst serving as an officer for Hampshire constabulary.
We would very much like to extend our invitation to support the next-of-kin and loved ones of officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.
Working with the chief constable and Hampshire County Council, we have written to a number of families but know we haven’t been able to reach everyone who may benefit from attending this event.
Are you a parent, widow or widower, child or dependent of an officer who died on duty? Do you know someone who is?
We would like to extend our invitation to them to attend National Police Memorial Day September 2020. Please get in touch with our secretary Garry Smith