Derbyshire Police Federation

The Police Children’s Charity

The Police Children’s Charity is a registered charity which provides support to police families by helping ease the financial pressures of bringing up children in the face of life-changing circumstances.  

Support is given to children who have lost either parent (whether or not they are a serving or retired police officer) or whose police officer parent is unable to earn an income due to illness or injury, sustained on or off duty.

Support from the charity can provide a degree of financial certainty in difficult times and is provided for on or off duty incidents to families of officers from forces in the north of England, North Wales and Scotland who donate to the trust. 

Support can include: 

•  New beneficiary grant
•  Weekly support allowance for each child in the family
•  Seasonal gifts
•  Higher education grants
•  Ex-gratia grants for necessary activities or items
•  Special needs grants
•  Driving lesson grants
•  Child counselling grants 
•  One week's respite break at the holiday home in Harrogate and any subsequent visits at discounted rates. 

Serving officers are eligible for the support of The Police Children’s Charity by donating just £1.50 per month directly from their pay. For this small amount each month, you can be reassured that your family will be supported should the unimaginable happen.

If you wish to sign up, please speak to your Federation representative who will be able to help.