Derbyshire Police Federation

The Police Treatment Centres

The Police Treatment Centres (PTC) provides residential based intensive physiotherapy treatment and psychological support to serving police officers, whether they have been injured on or off duty. This support allows them to get back to full health and full duties as quickly as possible.  The PTC has two residential rehabilitation centres, one in Auchterarder in Scotland and one in Harrogate.

The PTC makes a difference to the lives of around 4,000 officers each year from 23 forces in England, North Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as British Transport Police, Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Ministry of Defence Police.

For just £7.80 per month police officers, PCSOs, Detention and Custody Officers and Special Constables can be eligible to receive the support of the PTC. All treatment, accommodation, catering and access to healthcare professionals is included in your donation, which comes directly from your pay.

The physiotherapy programme at the PTC provides two weeks of intense residential physiotherapy for officers injured on or off duty. Patients are assigned a physiotherapist for their entire stay, ensuring that the treatment and service can be personalised and tailored according to the injury. Officers are also recommended to take part in group exercise classes and make use of the superb facilities including swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools, spin bike rooms, sports hall, saunas, steam rooms and aromatherapy rooms.

The psychological wellbeing programme at the PTC is a two week residential programme designed to provide patients with the tools and techniques to help them cope with mild to moderate, stress anxiety and depression. Patients attend group workshops including stress awareness, sleep, essential oils and coping strategies. Patients are also provided with three to five sessions of individual counselling and can also access complementary therapies.

All patients who attend the centres can take advantage of the superb location, beautiful grounds, private ensuite rooms, full catering, patient lounges and a relaxing and friendly environment.

Applications to the PTC are self-referral and usual waiting time is four to six weeks from application submission to admission. All applications forms are available on the PTC website, through occupational health or the Federation. Treatment provided at the PTC is entirely confidential and is also provided as duty time.

In order to receive this bespoke support should you be injured off or off duty, physically or psychologically, you must be donating to the charity. Sign up forms are available from the PTC website or through your Federation.