Derbyshire Police Federation


Members of the Special Constabulary can now join the Police Federation after a change in the law under the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act.

Membership of the Federation is optional. Members receive support and advice from fellow officers who are elected workplace representatives and have received training on Police Regulations to ensure members are properly represented and advised. 

During performance and conduct proceedings, a Fed rep will help, advise and represent a member.

Federation members can make criminal, misconduct and civil applications for legal assistance (in compliance with the Federation funding criteria).

Membership gives access to a range of affiliated providers who offer discounts on financial, health, travel, legal, home, vehicle and telecoms products and services.

Specials can also sign-up to subscribe to the Police Treatment Centres.

PTC Special Constables - amnesty

PTC sign-up form.

How much does it cost per month to become a member?

You can opt to become a subscribing member of the Federation which entitles you to the full range of support and assistance in accordance with our rules. Membership costs less than £24 per month. In your first year as a Special Constable, the amount is discounted by 50 per cent. 

As a non-subscribing Federation member, Specials will still get limited access to support from reps but will not be able to access legal assistance or funding.

How do I join the Federation?

Contact the Derbyshire Police Federation branch for more information.