Derbyshire Police Federation

Police Remuneration Review Body

The Police Federation of England and Wales makes an annual submission to the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) on behalf of its members.
The PRRB provides independent advice to the Government on pay and conditions for police officers who are at or below the rank of chief superintendent. This includes allowances, hours of duty, leave, and related matters.

The PRRB was set up in 2014, replacing the Police Negotiating Board. There are currently six members of the PRRB, which is chaired by David Lebrecht - an employment relations consultant to major corporate clients and an ACAS arbitrator who has previously held a number of roles, including Head of Employee Relations at British Airways.


The findings from the national Federation pay and morale survey of members, the only police workforce survey to gather consistent data on officers’ experiences across all 43 forces, forms a key part of the submission.
The PRRB reviews the submission, and those of other stakeholders, then advises the Government on a course of action.