Derbyshire Police Federation

Rest days

What can I claim if I work on a rest day?

Where less than 15 days’ notice is given you are entitled to claim every 15-minute period worked at time and a half. Where 15 days’ notice (not including day of notification or the day worked) you will be given another rest day, which should be notified to you within four days of notification of the requirement to work.  For more information check the Quick Reference Guide.

I work into my rest day after a night shift, what can I claim?

Where the period worked is less than 1 hour you are entitled to each 15-minute period at time and a half.  If the period worked is over an hour then a minimum period of four hours at time and a half is payable.

Please look in the Quick Reference Guide or contact the Federation office.

What happens if I work more than a tour or rostered shift on a rest day or public holiday?

Your entitlement is governed by Regulation 26 which covers rest day or public holiday working compensation - each 15 minute period worked is paid at the relevant rate (time and a half for rest days, double time for public holidays).

My rest day is cancelled, but then I am told I am not needed at work after all, what can I claim?

If you are given eight days’ notice of the reinstatement of the rest day then the rest day is taken without compensation.  If seven or less days notice are given, then you can take the rest day without compensation or work and claim compensation as usual under Regulation 26.

To find out more check the Quick Reference Guide, contact the Federation office or your workplace representative.

What considerations should the Force make before changing my duties or cancelling my rest day?

Forces should make every effort to avoid recalling officers to work during their rest days and free days, particularly those that fall within a period of annual leave. Changes to published rosters should be kept to a minimum and only made due to exigencies of duty (or on the request of individuals). Any changes to rosters should only be made after full consideration of operational, welfare and practical circumstances.

What travelling time can I claim when working on a rest day?

Where an officer is required to duty on a public holiday or on a rostered rest day their period of duty shall include their time travelling to and from their place of duty. This will be disregarded where the combined period of travel and duty exceeds six hours.

Travelling expenses may also be claimed for the journey but this ceases when there is no travel time included in the over-time.