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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Welfare Support Programme

The service offers a 24-hour, 365 days a year telephone support line for you and your family where you can speak directly to our trained staff regarding the issues that concern you.

The telephone staff have had training in police discipline and Post Incident Procedures.

They are certificated in mental health first aid and are there to listen to your concerns and help you to get the best support available. With your permission, they can evidence your needs and present them to your force or the Federation so that they can promptly obtain the support we recommend for you, such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coaching, counselling or other therapies that may assist you in dealing with your current situation.

It is part of the acknowledgement of mental health issues affecting officers.

WSP Booklet

What does it include?

Access to a 24/7 support line staffed by trained professionals and a full-time welfare support officer who will work alongside Federation representatives to support officers and their immediate families.

The programme was developed over an initial two-year pilot period to include enhanced support with the provision of NLP, coaching and counselling.

Who can access the WSP?

  • officers who have been involved in a death or serious injury incident at work that results in a Post Incident Investigation;
  • officers who are suspended from duty;
  • officers who have been served with Gross Misconduct papers; and
  • officers who, following a consultation with their Federation Branch and the WSP, are deemed in need of being placed on the programme.

In addition, the WSP is also available for family members of officers entered onto the programme:

  • immediate family members;
  • partners;
  • any person living in the same household with officer; and
  • any dependants of an officer.

Download an information sheet here

Download the WSP leaflet


How to get help

Contact us here and one of us will be able to determine if the programme is right for you, register you, and suggest other possible support options for you.