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Avon & Somerset Police Federation

Group Insurance


Our insurance scheme provides quality benefits and value to our members in conjunction with George Burrows who have been a personal protection provider for over 50 years.

Please note, in respect of travel cover you must confirm by checking the Travel Insurance Policy Document below that you are covered by the scheme before you travel. There may be a requirement for additional arrangements.

Scheme features 

  • Life cover of £150,000 and 20% advance on terminal prognosis (child death grant £5,000)
  • Critical illness cover £20,000 (child £5,000), partner £10,000
  • RAC UK and European Motor Breakdown cover, member and partner
  • Travel Insurance is 60 days per trip - please note there is no cover in cases of terminal diagnosis
  • Best Doctors Scheme Family Cover
  • GP Care on Demand service provides the subscribing member and their resident family with unlimited access to a GMC licensed practicing GP.
  • Care First Counselling service
  • Accident & Sickness scheme benefits
  • Unsocial hours benefit — to compensate you for each scheduled unsocial hour lost through sickness (2 week excess)
  • Knife & Gun assault — if subject to an assault involving a weapon resulting in injury and sickness absence, £2,500 Gun assault or £1500 knife assault (from Sept. 2017)
  • HIV & Hepatitis B benefit - If you are unfortunate enough to contract either of these as a result of operational duties, a benefit of £40,000 can be claimed
  • Temporary Total Disablement benefit of £35 a week extended to cover Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Planned hospitalisation benefit of £25 a night for a maximum of 30 nights, Accident/Emergency hospitalisation £40 a night
  • Legal Expenses Cover up to £100,000
  • Mobile Phone/Gadget Insurance
  • Home Emergency Assistance

In order to be a member of the Group Insurance Scheme you must be a subscribing member of the Police Federation, or a subscriber at the time of your promotion beyond Chief Inspector. If you would like further information or are submitting application forms to join, this can be requested/submitted via our email: